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January 2011

Janaury 3, 2011
1:25pm: Sorry I havenít been the best updater lately. Iíve been leaving my tamaís on pause for a majority of the time. Iíll try to break that habit. I still havenít even gotten on tamatown with my tamaGoÖ Maskutchi is still with me on my P1. 11 yrs old and no secret character. Venus left her baby in my care and I neglected him HUGELY in the baby stage, as I thought he was on pause but he wasnít for pretty much his entire babitchi stageÖ I named him Filth and heís a Mizutamatchi right now with no training.Filth is also my 6th generation on my yellow V3! Usagi my V2 ginjirotchi gave birth to a baby boy. Iíll name him Vamp when the time comes. Tamago is still a mattartichi. My angelgotchi should be here today! Iím rather upset that itís been sitting at the post office 20 minutes from my house for three days. Well, Iíll update later!

1:32pm: Mattaritchi just called for a discipline, I thinkÖ Iím so new to the tamago. It had an exclamation point above his head, so I scolded him. I think it raised the training meter. When should I praise him?

1:56pm: I finally visited tamatown and it was confusing! Mattaritchi also isnít very attractiveÖ

I didnít aquire any new items, because I hardly have any money. Iíll go back on later. If you want to find me, my ID is ST6669.

7:13pm: I left for a while earlier, and paused my tamagotchiís leaving them home. After I got home and unpaused them, I continued on my tamatown adventure, and I actually really like this tamatown version. I enjoy seeing my own tamagotchi in tamatown, unlike the older versions. It makes me want a music star, actuallyÖ I bought a guitar for mattaritchi, but he canít play it so Iím just decorating my room with it. Actually, thereís not much a tamago can really do in tamatownÖ Itís more for music stars it seems. Well, Iím off to continue in tamatown.

1:57am: OOPS! I went out for a lot longer than I expected tonight. I had put all the other tamas to bed and forgot that my P1 maskutchi doesnít fall asleep until 11Ö Heís sleeping next to poop now. Everyone else is okay. Iím hoping my tamago transforms tomorrow, and that my angelgotchi comes in the mail. I made a pink faceplate for my tamago today out of construction paper. I think Iím going to start painting it soon. If I do, Iíll post pics!

January 4, 2010
4:20pm: This morning I woke up at around 11 something to my V3 and TamaGo beeping at me all empty of hearts. I just paused them until a few minutes ago. My Tamago turned into a cute character named Kilalatchi at about 3am last night! What the heck is up with that!? I keep missing hi poop stuff, so heís never gonna get potty trainedÖ Iím doing rather badly with the tamago so far!
My Angelgotchi came in today! Japanese! Itís pink and I love it!


Right now, itís still an Obekechi 2 (spelling? Oh well.)
Iím going to pause all my connections and just take care of my P1, Angelgotch , V2, and Tamago. Iím kind of getting the urge to take care of my P2 again though. Batteries soon then!

4:45pm: Angelgotch just laid down for a nap.

5:00pm: Angel is awake!

5:10pm: Angelgotch hasnít pooped yetÖ

5:18pm: I now have a maruten on my angelgotch! Cute! I still donít understand TP very wellÖ My tamagotchi angel also doesnít have the standard butt with wings icon for bathroom it has a normal duck potty. This is weird.

6:10pm: GR! I just missed another Tamago poop, and I was practically looking right at it when it happened! AGH!

6:28pm: I figured out how the praise and discipline system works on the tamago. It needs praise when it has an exclamation point and does something, like takes a shower or brushes itís teeth. It needs discipline when it calls and has an exclamation point and does nothing or calls for no reason. Ha! Yay!

10:47pm: All tamas are asleep except Maskutchi P1. He has about 15 more minutes. Heís 12 today, and thatís pretty accurate. He wasnít paused THAT much to the point where he aged a lot. Iím not sure what the average lifespan for him is, but I really love his sleeping pattern! 11pm-11am. I like having him around! Heís the only tamagotchi Iíll be bringing to class with me tomorrow. I wonít bring any tamagotchiís to college with me unless theyíre adults. Too much to risk. Usage on my V2 leaves her baby tonight. Her son's name is Vamp. :]
Also, it seems my tamago praising/disciplining system I talked about earlier was a bit fallible. He called me and didn't do any animations, so I scolded him and it seems he lost a discipline point and got mad! WTF!

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