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 Update 03-15-11:Added some codes to the V2 page.

Update! 03-14-11 I've returned after a long break. Sorry about that! Not sure if I'll create any new pages anytime soon, but the log is being updated again.

Update 2 12-28-10I added a new page on the versions section of my site. the V2 page. Both pages that are up there still need alot of work, but I don't have all the time in the world, you know? ;]

Update 12-28-10: Somehow I managed to destroy the previous homepage... So I've had to reword this section and also start a new stream of updates... *facepalm*

Welcome to my tamagotchi homepage. Here you will find the continuation of the logs I once kept on tamatalk here as well as information about various version of tamagotchi that I own and some picture too! But beware of the babitchi, I train them to biteee.

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