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March 2011

March 14, 2011
11:38pm: Oh Lord. I've completely let my tamalog die! BUT! I've returned for the time being. I just completely lost track of everything though. I paused all of my tamagotchi's and let a few die. Vamp, Usagi's son, is long gone and I'm back to raising generation 1 on my V2. His name is Filth and he is a ringotchi at the moment with about 6 training bars. He is a year old and won't change into an adult for another couple of days, especially since he's been paused so much. I'm also raising a P1, who is in a marutchi stage with 75% discipline. I expect him to turn into tamatchi tomorrow. And finally, I'm raising the same Tamago, because he was paused through these past couple of months. He's currently a Shimishimatchi and is married to the cute little adult with wings whose name is escaping me at the moment... I expect them to have a baby tomorrow! I still haven't figured out the discipline system on the tamago... Hopefully, I'll update much more fully tomorrow with plenty of details. :P Gotta get back into the swing of things.

March 15, 2011
4:05pm: Since today was one of my longer, busier days at the college, the tamagotchi's remained paused the entire day until about an hour ago.
This morning, before I paused my tamago, he had a child with his wife! He is 9 years old, meaning it took about 3 days for them to have a baby. I'm not sure how long it will be until the parents leave. Maybe another 3 days? I can't tell if the baby is a Kinotchi (boy baby) or a Nokotchi (girl baby). I'm so inexperienced with the tamago.
In P1 news, my marutchi is thriving well. About 15 minutes ago he called for a discipline, and it filled up his entire meter. He got sick yesterday so I'm expecting him to change sometime this evening at the soonest.
Not much going on in V2 news. Filth is still a ringotchi. It might be another 2 or 3 days before he becomes an adult. I'm hoping Friday by the latest. His training bar still remains at 6 notches.

6:25pm: My white p1 marutchi just changed into a tamatchi!

I also got the batteries for my P2 to work, but I don't know how long they will last. He is currently a shirobabitchi!
7:16pm: I now have a tonmarutchi!

8:36pm: Last update of the evening! For the first time I finally have all friendship hearts full on the tamago! I also visited Tamatown and got a super cute reindeer outfit. :]

March 16, 2011
5:09pm: I had my tamagotchi's paused most the day while I was at campus and my boyfriend's house. I unpaused them at about 2:30pm.
I got tired of waiting for my tamago to leave so that I could raise my next generation that I set the clock forward to 11:59pm. My shimishimatchi and his wife are staring at their baby and preparing to depart. I realized that the baby is the female baby, Nokotchi. I'll update as she goes through her baby stage and into her child stage.
Besides that, there really isn't any more tama news. Filth is lacking one discipline notch until has bar is full, but it still might be two days before he evolves into his next stage. I want to get batteries for my yellow V3 soon, but I really don't want to raise 5 tamagotchi's at once... I'll decide sooner or later.

5:30pm: The TamaGo parents have left their little nokotchi all to me. She's sooo cute. The babies on this version and the color are probably my favorite, besides the ones that look like poops on the Osuchi/Mesuchi. I'm hoping I have a clearer understanding of how discipline works this time around. If they beep with an [!] over their head I should praise them. If there is no [!], then I discipline (I think...). Also, I hope to potty train this time around.
5:41pm: Filth just got another discipline bar, filling his meter entirely.

6:17pm: I caught Nokotchi pooping once, but I've missed it every other time so far. Aslo, while I was doing some sketching exercises, she pooped twice and it piled up on the screen. Oops Well, she's a Belltchi now... I really wanted the star character. I'll try for it next time.

March 17, 2010
1:19am: I guess it's technically march 18th, but this log entry is definitely for the 17th. I left two of my tamagotchi's off pause pretty much all day until about 3:30pm. They remained paused for the remainder of the day until about 1:00am. These tamas were my white P1 and my V2, Filth. The other two tamagotchi's, my TamaGo belltchi and my tonmarutchi P2, stayed on pause the entire day until about 1:00am.
The only exciting thing that happened was Filth evolved into his adult form a day earlier than I expected! He is a pyonchitchi!

The above image does not belong to me. I got it from this website.
Well, I'm exhausted from tonight's festivities. We had a girl break her ankle at practice, then hung out with some friends to celebrate St. Patrick's day....kind of. I'm totally glad that I have tomorrow off, to spend with the tamas. I'm also glad my two little ones, Belltchi and Tonmarutchi weren't around to see the girl break her ankle tonight. It definitely made me shudder. The paramedics are all gonna know us by name in a few months... (I play roller derby, in case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about.) I wish I could've unpaused those two today. Especially my TamaGo.

March 18, 2011
12:11pm: I set my alarm clock to go off every hour as I slept in so that I could get up and take care of the tamagotchi. I do believe I missed a discipline call for either my P1 or my P2. I really hope I don't end up with Maskutchi on my P1, but then I would have a shot at the secret character!
Since I was asleep, I didn't catch Belltchi using the bathroom at all. There goes potty training right out the window... She just poops in the floor. I paid 5000 points for that floor! >:| Anyways, at around 11:30am, she evolved into Shelltchi. Who I don't find very charming, but hopefully she grows on me. Belltchi currently only has 3 training bars.

Not much going on in the V2 department. Filth is going to be waiting a few days for the matchmaker to arrive.

4:02pm: I did something I really shouldn't have done... I ordered a TMGC+C... I was supposed to be saving my money for new skatewheels, but I couldn't resist. It should be here in about two weeks. I can't wait to log about it!

6:22pm: Sorry about all the random updates today! I made a custom face plate thing for my TamaGo. It features one of my favorite sailor scouts, Sailor Mars. Sorry for the crappy quality. At the moment, all of my pictures are taken with my phone camera...

8:47pm: I've figured out some new things about my TamaGo today. Shelltchi is on a poop schedule of going every 2 hrs and 20 minutes. I assume that all teenagers have a poo schedule similar to this. Also she went to sleep at 8:45pm, which is weird because most tamagotchi's go to sleep on an exact hour. So, since the last time Shelltchi pooped was about 7:30, her next poo should have been at 9:50, but since she went to bed at 8:45, the next time she poos should be tomorrow at 9:15am. We'll see!
My white P1 was a very privileged tamagotchi today. He got to be attached to my belt loop while I went out and ran some errands. I don't usually display my tamagotchi's in public, but I thought he would enjoy the fresh air ;] He got to learn about car insurance and how expensive that crap is.

March 19, 2011
10:37am: It's been a morning of misadventures. I woke up at about 8am, thinking I had to go to work, and I get ready and halfway down the road, think I'm running late to find out that I'm working the evening session, not the morning one. ._. Then I went to Wal*Mart and got batteries for my other two connections, to realize later on that I bought the wrong size. And it was too late to go back. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I really want to run my V3's though.
Anyways, I miscalculated when Shellchi would use the bathroom. She went at 8:40am. I'm expecting her to go again at about 11:00am.

11:17am: Ugh, my timing was off again. It poo'd at about 11:12am, but really my timing wasn't off, because I did have her paused for a little while this morning. At least I caught her using the restroom and now she has a full training bar! I wonder when she will become an adult?

11:53am: I caught Pyonchitchi watching the Easter bunny! Poor Easter bunny, he's having so much trouble with that egg.

3:35pm: I took a bit of a three hour nap without really checking on my tamagotchis... My P2 became the teenage character with legs in that time period, Tongaritchi. Though, when I finally did get up from my nap he was missing all hungry hearts and only had one happy heart left. He was pretty upset with me...
Before I fell asleep though, my Tamago! Decided to evolve into her adult form. A Chamametchi! I've never had this character before. Absolutely adorable! I really was expecting a lovelytchi though.

March 22, 2010
1:52pm: What a chaotic weekend! I had my tamagotchi's paused for most of it. Pretty much from Saturday night until Sunday night. Since I have class this week, they were also paused for most of the day. Some news concerning my P1, he is currently a Maskutchi. The average care character. I was expecting ginjirotchi. Better luck next time. I've been neglecting him frequently as well. I need to be a but more careful. Chamametchi is 6 yrs old today, but the date place hasn't appeared yet. My V2, Filth, had a baby girl! But I'm thinking about taking out his battery and putting it into one of my V3's. My P2 is still a tongaritchi, and it might be Thursday before he reaches adulthood. I'll update later if anything new developes!

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