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Version 2 (V2)

This was the second wave of American/European tamagotchi connections to be introduced in 2004/2005. This is probably my favorite version of the connections, as it has much simpler games than the later versions that are less time consuming, it's battery doesn't go dead in a week like most of the V1s, and it has ginjorotchi as a character! As of right now I only have one V2 and it is my baby. My favorite tamagotchi.

Secret Codes
On the V2 there are 5 secret codes that get you special items. I do believe these codes can only be used once, but until I do some further investigation, don't quote me on it. To enter the secret codes into your tamagotchi, so to the screen with the shopkeeper. Instead of pressing the middle button (B) and entering the shop, press the first button (A) a couple of times until the shopkeeper looks surprised/scared. To me, it looks like he thinks you're about to rob him! I wonder what that's all about... Anyways, after that enter the codes. Obviously, the (A) button is the first button, the (B) button is the second button, and the (C) button corresponds to the last button.

ACBCABAC = Hair potion
CBAACABC = Costume/Stuffed Animal
ABBACBCC = Whole Cake
BCBACABA = Love Potion

Click here to see a V2 growth chart. Note: I did not create this growth chart.

Tamagotchis I've Had On This Version:
Ryoko The Kuchipatchi (Pink V2) November 22, 2010-December 5, 2010
Errtu the Memetchi (Pink V2) December 5, 2010-December 16, 2010
Usagi the Ginjirotchi (Pink V2) December 17, 2010-???
Vamp the ??? (I really don't remember...)
Filth the Ringotchi (Pink V2) March 11, 2011-still alive