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Version 3 (V3)

This was the version that got me back onto tamagotchis after a break of about 5 years. I woke up one morning with that urge that only tamagotchi owners have and looked on Amazon and saw that the V3 was the cheapest. The first one I got was red with blue stars, and is often referred to as just "red V3" in my logs. This V3 is also my tamagotchi connection that I refuse to use the matchmaker with. Instead, I'm always pausing it to raise a mate for it on my other tamas. Here's a photo!

Shortly after I ordered my red V3, I decided that I would need a mate, and I ordered this one!. These are currently the only V3's I own.

The V3's were the first tamagotchis to be able to visit tamatown rather primitively. They're also the first tamagotchis to feature an antenna, which I think looks a bit lame, but not as lame as in later generations. The V3 has a lot of character from the older, vintage tamas. Here's a link to a growth chart I DID NOT MAKE. One day, I'll get around to making my own, hopefully with full animations, but that would take A LOT of work. Here's the growth chart.

Shop Codes
There are seven shop codes that I'm aware of for the V3. For an explanation on how to enter the shop codes, please visit this page and scroll down to the secret codes section.
1. ABBA ACBA = cake
2. BCAB ACBC = steak
3. CBAC CABC = cuckoo clock
4. AABB CACB = RC Car2
5. CACA BABC = stuffed animal
6. ACBB BACC = hairgel
7. BCBC CABA = love potion

Here's a list of my V3 tamagotchi:
Devin the Mametchi (Red V3) June 28, 2010-July 06, 2010
Giles the Gozarutchi (Red V3) July 06, 2010-???
Swan the Hashizotchi (Yellow V3) July 09, 2010-???
Ginji the Mametchi (Red V3) October 2, 2010- October 12, 2010
Mari the Teketchi (Yellow V3)October 6, 2010-October 15, 2010
Witch the Mimitchi (Red V3) October 12, 2010-November 8, 2010
Bixby the Gozarutchi (Yellow V3) October 16, 2010- November 8, 2010
Kikyo the Billotchi (Red V3) November 9, 2010- December 16, 2010
Kaede the Billotchi (Yellow V3) Novemeber 9, 2010-November 18, 2010
Ayeke the Bunbuntchi(Yellow V3) November 19, 2010- Decemeber 3, 2010
Venus the Paparatchi(Yellow V3) December 4, 2010-
Arwin the Mimitchi (Red V3) December 12, 2010-STILL ALIVE