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December 2010

December 2
11:13am: After class this morning, I pulled out Ayeka (mt yellow V3. Currently a BunBuntchi, 4th generation girl) and saw the matchmaker on her screen! She brought a sekitoritchi. I mated them and guess what? I got another freaking girl! For crying out loud! I'm running out of girly names. I really need to raise a boy, so that I can unpause my red V3, which is on pause because I no longer want to use the matchmaker on that tamagotchi. I've gotten about 5 girls since I made that declaration and I only need a boy!

11:30am: I've decided to name Ayeka's new little girl Venus. Ayeka should be gone tomorrow night. Maybe Venus will give birth to a boy!

5:20pm: Aww, almost every time I look down at Ryoko(my pink, purple, and orange V2, generation 1, Kuchipatchi, and a freaking girl) and Belle (Belle is my yellow V4, a firefighter, Ponitchi, and generation 2), they have a Christmas tree tamagotchi on their screens. So cute!

11:24pm: I left my tamagotchi's at home when I went to skate practice, Gah! They were sleeping in poo and missing hearts and sick when I got home. Sooo, I totally woke them up and fixed them and sent them back to bed. I've been such a bad tama mom lately. I think I just need one tamagotchi, instead of 3 and a half (I occasionally unpause Buster, my P2 who is old and needy)
Buster is actually unpaused right now. I love the P2 tamagotchi and Mimitchi. He's still 24 years old. I wonder if he'll be passing soon? I like unpausing him when the others are sleeping. He's great company.
Belle is ready for the matchmaker. I think I'm gonna mess with her clock and make the matchmaker come early. I'll update if I do!

11:30pm: I lied, i guess she's not ready for the matchmaker yet... Maybe tomorrow night. I've got Buster's weight down to 37 pounds, which is awesome considering last week he was at 70 something!

1:22pm: I got bored and decided to doodle on the computer. Here is Ryoko the Kuchipatchi, with Ryoko her namesake from Tenchi Muyo!


December 15
I've been horrible about keeping this site updated. You can read all my logs before this entry here.
12:41pm: Oops! I slept in today! I'll probably be doing alot of that over this winter vacation. No one was completely out of hearts when I woke up, and I woke up soon enough to catch a discipline for Venus. I've been connecting Kikyo and Errtu for the past 20 minutes. Errtu has been winning all the games and Kikyo has been sending alot of poop. Meanies. Errtu is at 2 smilies for Kikyo, and Kikyo is at 2 smilies for Errtu. It's gonna be a while... My white P1 came in the mail today! I've yet to see if it works, because I don't have batteries yet for it. I tried to switch the batteries from Buster into it, but the screwdriver I had wasn't working, and then I would feel pretty bad. I'll just go to a jeweler later. Speaking of Buster, he's 28 now and still put putting along. I have him unpaused for the time being. I wonder if he's EVER gonna pass away? It's hard for me to just let him go. The tamagotchi's have been experiencing some weird weather around here. It's florida and it was 27 degrees this morning! That's crazy, especially for early December. We usually don't get a cold front until AFTER Christmas... I'll update later when Kikyo and Errtu have babies. Please check back! :]

2:35pm: I hope you guys are checking back, because I'm updating again! I took the batteries out of Buster... I sent him home early... What a horrible tama mom I am. BUT, I put his batteries into my P1, and I'm currently waiting for that egg to hatch. I'm so excited. Uh oh! It hatched! I think I'll name her (yes, this tama will be a girl) Mirai-chan. This P1 is so pretty, minus the wear-and-tear of being old and used. It's white with black buttons and border. Love it! Can't wait to see what character I get. I hope a ginjirotchi. I feel bad about Buster. I want to raise another P2 soon. I need to get batteries. Speaking of batteries, I had quite a bit of trouble getting the back off of my P1 egg. I eventually had to break it. It doesn't look broken, it looks fine, but the screw on the left side is only there for show, it's not holding anything in. The case just slips over it when I need to take it off. The other screw is fine. Kikyo and Errtu still aren't in love. 3 smiley faces each. I wish they'd hurry.

3:16pm: Kikyo and Errtu just had two baby girls. Glad I finally got them to mate. I have no idea what I'm going to name the two new babies. I also don't have a mate for Kikyo's daughter (remember, the red egg is the egg I refuse to use the matchmaker for). I was hoping they would have boys so I could mate Kikyo's daughter with my paused V4, who is named Luna. Looks like Luna's gonna be paused for a while longer. I don't like the V4 much anyways. My P1, Mirai-chan, just laid down for her first nap. She should be changing into a Marutchi pretty soon.

4:34pm: She did change into a marutchi. Very cute. I got in the shower and started cooking chicken, so I've just now gotten the chance to update. I really hope I get a ginjirotchi. I have a chance to get him on my V2 as well now that it's about to hit an odd generation when Errtu leaves.

December 16
11:53am: At about 10:00am, P1 Mirai-chan called for a discipline, bringing the meter up to 50%. Shortly after that, V3 Venus called for a praise making her meter go up one more bar. She now has 6/9. Errtuís (V2) daughter, whom Iím naming Usagi, got sick this morning for no apparent reason. Kikyo (V3) and her daughter have just been hanging about, being cute. All the tamaís have been watching me read Aurora Minuiís virtual pet diary, which is very tricky to get to. I remember reading it a few years back and attempted to google it, to realize that it no longer existed for the most part except in archived form and thereís no direct link to this archive. Google has a link to page 5 of this diary, and you just have to keep hitting next to continue reading it. Her mateable tam diary is also tricky to get to, as you have to manipulate the URL to get to the next page. I wonít explain that one, itíll probably bore you. Her tamagotchi experiments are rather inspiring, in her own diabolical way. I wonder what sheís up to now, more than 10 years later.

11:58am: When I look down at Errtu or Kikyo, theyíre frequently talking to a big-lipped Christmas treeÖ Well, then. They better get me something nice for Christmas. I never got to see the Thanksgiving animation. Iím a bit miffed about this because I heard a turkey chased your tamagotchi around. Anything that involves being chased by a turkey is awesome.

1:11pm: Kikyoís baby just got sick and required two doses of medicine. I really need to decide on a name for her.

1:24pm: Venus just called for her 7th discipline. She should be transforming into an adult tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

2:46pm: Mirai-chan just called for another discipline, bringing the meter up to 75%.

4:47pm: Just found out that piroriroritchiís least favorite food is a SundaeÖ the hard way. Dang it.

12:12am: I had my tamagotchiís on pause since 6pm so that I could go to skate practice, and then I hung out with some friends. I just took them off pause a few minutes ago. Kikyo and Errtu are now gone. I hate when I have to pause my tams because it stunts their growth so badly.

December 17
12:05pm: I woke up this morning and saw that Errtu and Kikyoís babies were crying and on the naming screen. I named Kikyoís daughter Arwin . She just changed into a Kuchitamatchi! Her mother was one of those at one point as well. I really thought Iíd get a healthier child characterÖ Oh well! I havenít started taking care of Errtuís daughter, but Iím about to and Iím going to name her Usagi. Mirai-Chan just got sick, so she should be changing sometime later this evening (Iím hopingÖ). Venus asked for her 8th discipline this morning, so she only needs one more bar. She might be changing later this evening as well. Well, Iím off to go raise Usagi!

12:15pm: I bought a boom box for Venus and a CD and she totally rocked out. Piroriroritchi already looks like a demon as it is, so when it was dancing it looked absolutely EVIL. But then she broke the boom box and I no longer have it. That was a waste of 2000 gpÖ Venus also has 2 tickets to use, one to Hawaii and another one to Russia, I think.

1:13pm: Usagi has become a Kinakomatchi! I havenít had one of these in a long time, since when I still had a V1 when I was 12. When I was about 12 I could never raise my tamagotchiís past the second generation... Arwin gained another discipline when I had to put her in Time Out earlier.

5:18pm: Mirai-chan has 100% discipline now, so she should be changing pretty soon. Itís been almost 48 hours. Venus also has her training bar completely full. Usagi has 3/9 discipline, and Arwin has 2/9 somehow, even though Arwin is older. I guess I missed one. Iím gonna go play tamagotchi for GameBoy :] Old schooliní it.

6:42pm: Yay! Marai-chan turned into the good teen with legs on the P1, Tamatchi! I really hope to see Ginjirotchi in a few days!

7:17pm: Iím quite confused at where tamatchiís arms go when heís playing the left/right gameÖ

9:03: All tams are tucked in bed. :] Here's a GIF of Kuchitamatchi that I made tonight. Please don't steal my images without my permission, by the way. All the images on my site are MINE, unless stated otherwise.

December 20
11:55am: Hi, everybody! Not too much has happened these past couple of days. Saturday morning. I woke up to find my yellow V3 Venus had changed into her adult form, a paparatchi. Itís the first time Iíve had this character, even though Venus is now highly unattractiveÖ After this, I paused Venus and my V2 Usagi as I was leaving the house and donít like taking more than two tamas at a time with me. I took my red V3, Arwin, and my P1 Mirai-chan. Shortly after noon while I was lazing around on my grandmaís couch watching Beauty and the Beast, Arwin changed into Hinatchi the penguin looking fellow. Later, that evening, I paused all my tamagotchiís and went to a Christmas party. The party was a blast, and I donít think I did anything embarrassing. Yesterday I went to the mall and all the tamas stayed on pause all day. I just unpaused them all about 10 minutes ago. Iíll update more later!

1:17pm: Arwin and Usagi both asked for another discipline. Arwinís bar is up to 8 out of 9 and Usagiís bar is 5 out of 9 and theyíre still so young!

2:23pm: Usagi transformed into a Ringotchi. Another new character. Extremely cute.

1:06am: I blew it! I left my house at about 6:00pm to hang out with my boyfriend on my day off and forgot my two take-everywhere tamas and left my two home tamas all off pause until just nowÖ Gozarutchi and Maskuchi-dom here I come. I have them all cleaned up now, but it was pretty bad. I definitely blew my chance at Gijirotchi on my P1. In another few days, Iíll know my resultsÖ

December 27, 2010
7:14pm: I paused my tamaís through pretty much the entire Christmas holiday, as it was a huge back and forth kind of ordeal. I unpaused them at about 4 oíclock this afternoon. Everyone is still exactly how they were when I last left off the log, except Mirai-chan. She turned into her adult form a few minutes ago, A maskutchi! I wanted a ginjirotchi, but Iím not too disappointed, because this character is cute too and might get the secret character! Tomorrow, Venus will be having a visit from the matchmaker, if I donít pause the tamas, which I think I might pause Venus and Usagi as Iím going out in the morning and Iím just taking Mirai-chan and Arwin. Actually, if Arwin changes into her adult form before I leave the house, I might take Usagi instead and leave Arwin to be paused until I can raise a mate for her. My red V3 is a matchmakerless tama, remember? Both Usagi and Arwin have completely full training bars.
Sadly, I got no new tamagotchiís for ChristmasÖ Though I did get a 100 dollar gift card, that I might buy tamaís with!

7:38pm: I just ordered a tamago... AMAZON IS HAVING A GREAT DEAL ON THEM, just letting you know.

8:06pm: Usagi is in bed!

8:21pm: Iíve also accidentally bought an angelgotchiÖ Donít ask how I did that! :/ I guess itíll be a month of mail surprises. Iíve also ordered some merch from my favorite band and some tattoo needles.

9:24pm: My adult tamagotchi was selfish! My maskutchi on my P1, Mirai-chan. Does this mean Iím going to get the secret character Bill?

December 28, 2010
8:51pm: Maskutchi (Mirai-chan) has 50% discipline and I think is well on her way to becoming the secret character! Yay, first secret character of any tamaís Iíve had! Also, Arwin turned into a Mimitchi, somehow. I guess itís because of her discipline, because I know for a fact that I didnít take perfect care and that I let hearts empty more than once.

So thatís been the highlights of today. Today, my family came into town from Kentucky, so I got up this morning and went and visited with them all day. I only took two tamas with me like I said I would. Arwin and Mirai-chan. Arwin changed into her adult form at about 2:00pm. I kept her off pause all day, but paused her when we got home to raise a mate for her before she gets too old. I then took Usagi the Ringotchi and Venus the paparatchi off pause. Usagi promptly fell asleep, but paparatchi is still up with me and Mirai-chan wonít go to bed until 11:00 soÖ Thatís been everything for today. Tomorrow, Usagi should change to her adult form in the evening and Venus should be visited by the matchmaker in the afternoon. I donít think Iíll be able to update tomorrow, because of family stuff, but my Tamago should be here on Thursday! Yay!

December 29, 2010
11:13pm: Iím trying to update as many things before I leave. Two exciting things have happened so far! Usagi turned into a Ginjirotchi! FINALLY. I was actually a bit disappointed, because heís a bit different than the original. He no longer twirls on the V2. The second exciting thing that happened is Venus met the matchmaker and she brought a Gozarutchi. Not my first choice, but Venus isnít very attractive so I picked Gozarutchi. Now, Venus has an adorable baby boy beside her, whom I will name Filth. Iím glad I didnít have to wait about 3 generations before I got a boy for my red V3 like I had to when Kikyo was here.

December 30, 2010
1:39am(I guess itís really the 31Ö): Well, I went all last night from about 4:30pm till about 2:15pm today without checking on my tamas at all. ._. Luckily theyíre all adults, but Maskutchi has 3 poops and the other 2 had about 5 or 6. I havenít cleaned them up yet or anything, but I paused them and will get around to them in the morning. Itís been a busy day. What I did do tamawise though was start up my new TamaGo! Itís right with the Kuchipatchi pattern and character attachment. I took the faceplate out though. I donít really like Kuchipatchis, I just got it because it was white and I canít paint it eventually. Well, I started it up at about 10:00pm and it was weird! I like the fact that it has a little room and that you can remodel it. The games arenít too bad, but having to walk everywhere and stuffÖ even when you press the ďaĒ button and it takes you immediately to your destination, is still so time consuming! This tama has a lot of features, that I donít think Iíll ever use! I just wanted to give it a shot. The animations and such are very cute though. So anyway, I like long-jump the best out of the games so far. The babitchi stage is super cute too! Right now, I have a really weird child character called a Mattaritchi. ONE THING THAT IS BOTHERING ME! I never got to name my tamagotchi! What the heck is that!? I guess itís not that big of a deal. I still like the V2, P2, and P1 the bestÖ Iíll update further tomorrow, hopefully, though I have some stuff to do most of the day, so I might not get back to regularly caring for my tamas until Saturday.

December 31, 2010
8:57am: I woke up this morning, about 10 minutes ago and Mattaritchi on my Tamago was missing 3 hungry hearts and 3 happy hearts. These meters are so big on the tamago! Iím gonna go unpause my other tamas now and then further play with Mattaritchi. Maybe go on tamatown for once.

9:20am: Okay, theyíre all unpaused and cleaned up. Iím leaving the house for awhile later, and I think Iím just gonna take my V2 and my P2. I checked on the tracking of my angelgotchi and itís about 2 hours driving wise from my house. It might be here today!

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